WordPress Guru

15+ years experience with Linux, Apache, MySQL/MariaDB, PHP, and jQuery. As well as security practices and policies.

25+ year experience with various OS’s, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Networking, and IT in general.

Some experience with NGINX, Postgresql, and various other web servers and databases. Yes, including IIS, C#, MSSQL, and dotnet. I am just not a fan of the makers of those products.

Coding in C, C++, C#, PHP, Dephi, Fortran, PERL, and a few others.


Am I crazy? $50, $100, or more for hosting?

Well, you get my services and my assurance that you site will be fixed if anything happens. You get my expertise and my assistance. I will consult with you are whatever you need for your site and/or project. I will be proactively protecting your site and keeping it up to date and secured.

I will not have thousands of sites hosted. There are only a limited number of slots available. I am not a hosting reseller, I have my one server and a WHM/CPanel that allows 100 accounts max. 10 of which are reserved for my use and donating to non-profits.

Other Hosting Solutions

If you do not feel the above is worth at least $50 a month, please search around for one of the many excellent “cheap” hosting solutions.

Solutions that have “support” that is as good as reading the documentation yourself. Pricing that does not include any assistance for anything other than hosting issues. Be sure to read the find print on your cheap hosting package. Many are just introductory prices. Cheap at first (wow $5 a month!), but jump to $30 a month after the first year. And that does not get you any thing more. Just costs more.